Uzbekistan GCF Readiness Programme

Mosque, architectural ensemble Khiva, Uzbekistan. Credit: Dmitiriy Bartosh

Country Background

Uzbekistan has already successfully implemented mitigation projects, including CDM projects, to reduce emissions generated by the Energy Sector.  In addition, Uzbekistan has implemented a national Programme for Reducing Energy Intensity and Introduction of Energy-saving Technologies; and has developed a Low-Emission Development Strategy. 

The government is also committed to adapting to climate change.  Following a deficit of water resources in recent years, Uzbekistan is increasingly vulnerable to drought.  This could particularly affect the rural population, whose livelihoods often depend on irrigated farming. In response, the Government of Uzbekistan is working to improve climate resilience of farming in drought prone communities.

Overview of the National Readiness Plan

The Government of Uzbekistan is focusing on the following climate finance readiness activities with support from the GCF Readiness Programme Partners: 

  • Assist in identifying, establishing, and strengthening their National Designated Authority and Accredited Entity to access climate finance
  • Develop investment frameworks related to climate change that detail financial needs and identify funding sources
  • Build capacity to develop a pipeline of climate projects and attract investment

In implementing these activities, the Programme works closely with the Centre of Hydrometeorological Service, Uzhydromet, as well as other public and private sector stakeholders.

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