A picture paints a thousand words: Uzbekistan raising awareness on climate and ozone issues through global photography competition


"Climate Change in My Eyes" Category: - 1st Place - "Floods in Bangladesh" by Moniruzzaman Sazal, Bangladesh

Taking a creative approach to raising awareness on climate change and ozone layer protection, Uzhydromet, Uzbekistan’s Center of Hydrometeorological Service, co-organised a global photography competition focusing these two globally significant issues. The competition attracted 285 submissions from professional and amateur photographers from 56 different countries around the world between July and August, and winners were announced on 11 September. Winning and shortlisted entries were featured on a dedicated competition website, www.envcontest.uz.

"Ozone Layer and I" Category: - 1st Place - "Two-Fold Life" by Lusine Torosyan, Armenia

Participants were asked to show how climate change has affected the quality and standard of living of people in their own communities and illustrate the broader consequences of climate change for humanity. Under the two themes, Climate change in my eyes and Ozone layer and I, applicants were asked to depict either climate change adaptation or mitigation measures being undertaken or ozone layer protection efforts in their own country contexts.

The highly collaborative competition was conducted in partnership with UNDP Uzbekistan, the UN Environment/UNDP/WRI Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme, Uzbekistan State Committee for Ecology and Environmental Protection, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub and the OzonAction Branch of UN Environment. All partners worked to promote the competition’s core issues in their own countries and regions, helping to raise awareness on these important issues, and strived to make their own contribution for competition’s success. The Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme in particular supported the contest by kindly providing the prizes for the winners and coordinating the activity of the International Jury Panel during the pre-selection and final selection stages.

- 2nd Place - "Fragile Layer of our Planet" by Khurshidakhon Shamsieva, Uzbekistan


The winning photograph for the Climate change in my eyes category, "Floods in Bangladesh" submitted by Moniruzzaman Sazal from Bangladesh, depicted a woman on a makeshift bamboo raft punting through floodwater, with a temporary shelter on the banks of the flooded river in the background. For the Ozone layer and I category, the winning photograph, "Two-Fold Life", came from Lusine Torosyan from Armenia and depicts a man resting in the shadow of an abandoned, broken refrigerator in a barren landscape, with a tshirt with the slogan SOS, Save Ozone, hanging from the broken door. A special mention was given to "Between Beauty and Sun Protection" by Rabemanantsoa Andry from Madagascar, which depicted a mother painting her child’s face with illustrations of the sun.

2nd Place - "Adapting to Climate Change is a Real Need" by Naveed Ali, Pakistan

The 20 shortlisted photos can be seen on the www.envcontest.uz website, and demonstrate the diversity of the way climate change and ozone layer depletion is affecting communities around the world.