Nepal accelerates effective engagement with Green Climate Fund


The National Designated Authority (NDA) of Nepal - the Ministry of Finance - has led significant efforts to effectively engage with the GCF

Maintaining a steady momentum on its path towards climate readiness, the National Designated Authority (NDA) of Nepal - the Ministry of Finance - has led significant efforts to effectively engage with the Green Climate Fund, with the support of the UN Environment/ UNDP/ WRI GCF Readiness Programme.  Through an inclusive process, the NDA’s Technical Committee screened climate investment ideas, in line with Nepal’s NDC and development strategies to prioritize a pipeline of projects and programmes to be submitted to the GCF. A series of technical trainings within the NDA and among other stakeholders, such as other line ministries and the International Economic Cooperation Coordination Division, have been held to increase understanding of the GCF processes, particularly around roles and responsibilities of different actors. In addition, two national institutions, the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) and National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), were selected by the NDA to undergo the GCF accreditation process, which is currently underway.

Further, Nepal recognizes the importance of country ownership in the readiness process, for which the NDA, with the support of UNDP and UN Environment and with the active engagement of national key stakeholders has put together a Green Climate Fund Toolkit  to guide the country’s effective engagement with the Fund, including accessing finance for projects as well as navigating the accreditation process for direct access.

“The toolkit outlines the roles and responsibilities of the NDA and how to engage national institutions  in the processes of proposal development. It essentially helps Nepal to check all the boxes before a  project or an accreditation is submitted. We want to ensure that when any submission goes to the GCF Secretariat, a high quality is retained,” said Lal Bahadur Khatri, Under Secretary, Ministry of Finance and the National Project Director of the UN Environment/UNDP/WRI Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme.

The ‘living’ document is designed to evolve and adapt to the changing needs and knowledge base of the NDA. The toolkit will play a fundamental role in increasing understanding of the GCF across all government levels in Nepal as well as the private sector and relevant actors on climate finance.

“Currently in Nepal, there is a funding gap to meet adaptation targets, so we are prioritizing the preparation and submission of adaptation projects to the GCF to increase resilience in the most vulnerable sectors, such as agriculture and forestry. For the NDA, it is crucial to have a national institutional structure in place and a sustainable mechanism to engage with the GCF,” said Mr Khatri.

Photo: UNDP Climate Change Adaptation