Getting Kenya’s County Governments Ready for GCF Engagement

Efforts to get Kenya’s counties ready to engage on the GCF are underway.
2nd counties sensitisation workshop on GCF (26th -28thApril, 2017), Naivasha, Kenya
In Kenya, county governments play a key role in the implementation of climate change response as per the Climate Change Act, 2016. The Act requires the county governments to mainstream and implement climate change actions, interventions and the National Climate Change Action Plan into the CIDPs. With support from the German Government through UNEP and UNDP, sensitization workshops targeting all the 47 Counties were held in April. 
These workshops, held in Naivasha, Kenya, brought together over 40 representatives from different county governments, council of governors, key line ministries and CSOs. The workshops were organised by Kenya’s National Designated Authority, the National Treasury, with support from UN Environment/UNDP/WRI Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme. 
The workshops were organised to create awareness among the county governments on climate financing opportunities, including through the Green Climate Fund; exchange information and experience in including on-going projects under Adaptation Fund (AF) and GCF and processes in different counties; understand the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in climate finance and identify potential bankable project concepts.
Key achievements of the workshops were increased understanding of global climate finance architecture including GCF, related policies, standards and procedures and roles of various institutions and structures such as National Designated Authority (NDA), Accredited Entities and Executing Entities (EEs), roles of county governments as EEs and experiences of different counties in climate change financing. Participants also brainstormed on potential bankable concept ideas covering regional blocks in the country and agreed on key recommendations for next steps to ensure effective participation of county governments in GCF. 
Some of the recommendations of the workshops include: a need to enhance tracking and coordination of climate finance, need to further define the role of the Council of Governors in the coordination of inter-county climate change projects and programme, capacity building for technical expert in development of proposals, need to mainstream climate change into County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs), and put in place key legal, policy, legal and institutional frameworks.
Following on from these events, additional workshops will be organised to further enhance the capacities of specific counties and council of governors to develop bankable project proposals for support from the GCF and awareness of climate finance policy.