Workshop on GCF Access Strategy in Fiji

8 February 2016 - 10 February 2016
Deuba, Fiji

GCF Access_group.jpeg

Participants in the Fiji Workshop on GCF Access Strategy

Direct access to the Green Climate Fund is one of the key structures for country ownership of climate change programmes and projects.  This will be facilitated through sub-national, national, regional and international, public and private entities that are accredited by the Board of the Fund, or Accredited Entities (AE).

In order for countries like Fiji to maximize opportunities to deliver an effective climate change response, their ability to access the Green Climate Fund’s resources will be critical.  As such, a workshop series was organized by the Green Climate Fund Readiness Programme with the aim to determine a national GCF access strategy for Fiji, on the 8th to the 10th February 2016 at the Pearl Resort in Pacific Harbour, Deuba.

This workshop series assessed the optimum architecture for Fiji in terms of access to the GCF, by addressing the following issues: (i) Is one national AE adequate or should other sub-national entities be considered? (ii) What is the most effective way for the Government of Fiji to interact with regional and international GCF Accredited Entities? (iii) How can the selected Accredited Entity(ies) most effectively support the needs of line ministries, and other submitting entities, for GCF resourcing? (iv) What are the roles of the Climate Change Division and the National Designated Authority in optimizing a growing country-led GCF portfolio?

The primary audience for the training series were senior decision-makers and policy-makers operating in climate change relevant sectors.   The training series included active participation from the government, as well as non-governmental organizations and the private sector.