Unlocking the Green Climate Fund Workshop

8 October 2018 - 10 October 2018
Berlin, Germany



The UN Environment/UNDP/WRI Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Programme has built the capacities of nine countries to access the GCF by developing the tools and policies needed for more strategic climate interventions that combat climate change and build climate resilience. The Programme has worked closely with governments, the private sector and civil society in Fiji, Nepal, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Benin, Ghana, Kenya, El Salvador and Colombia to build country ownership of climate finance using targeted training and developing tools in four areas: (i) institutional strengthening for National Designated Authorities (NDAs), (ii) accreditation of national institutions to the Green Climate Fund, (iii) development of GCF project pipelines and proposals, and (iv) private sector engagement. Lessons and experiences of the Programme have been captured in a publication which aims to serve as a reference and practical guide for other
countries undergoing GCF readiness processes.
The Green Climate Fund has its own readiness funding window from which more than 92 countries have accessed grants to increase their capacities to plan for and access GCF funds. GCF-funded readiness support can be accessed directly by NDAs or through an international/ regional delivery partners.
The purpose of this workshop was to reinforce the iterative knowledge management process of implementing GCF readiness activities in countries with different socio-economic, political, geographic, and climatic contexts. Over the last three years, NDAs around the world have collaborated with readiness delivery partners and other agencies to deliver on the main goal of gaining access to GCF for adaptation or mitigation solutions. Readiness support globally is reaching maturity and it was therefore timely to take stock of results and challenges to-date and feed these into new approaches for accessing GCF funds.
1) Taking stock of the key lessons and challenges learned during the implementation of GCF Readiness initiatives in different countries. Experienced practitioners (national coordinators and/or technical experts) engaged in GCF readiness projects on the ground focused on different readiness technical themes, presented how the support was applied, which tools were used, and the results and lessons.
2) Launched the lessons learnt publication to serve as reference document for readiness delivery partners, country governments, and practitioners.