Tracking Climate Finance in Colombia

28 April 2016
Cartagena, Colombia


Tracking Climate Finance in Colombia
Under Colombia's Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Program, World Resources Institute (WRI) is assisting the Comite de Gestión Financiera of Colombia’s Sistema Nacional de Cambio Climático (SISCLIMA) in creating a tracking system for climate finance. As part of the consultation process with the key stakeholders for designing an MRV system, the team delivered a workshop on the 28th of April where they presented the proposed methodological approach for clasifying and measuring climate finance in Colombia.  This was the second stakeholder workshop held on the tracking system in Colombia. More than 40 key actors from the government, private sector, and civil society attended the workshop and provided feedback on how to strengthen the methodology. An important part of the discussion was centered on which activities should be considered as climate related activities.
The methodology was presented by Sandra Guzman (GFLAC-WRI), technical leader for the project. Gisela Campillo from the OECD presented the framework of the Rio Markers. Participants gave a positive reception to the proposed methodology and suggested next steps to the design process.