Philippines workshop on the role of Accredited Entities

17 September 2015
Pasig City, Philippines


Credit: Tony Waltham

Accredited Entities (AEs) play a crucial role in the implementation and supervision of a country’s climate change projects.  Together with the National Designated Authority (NDA), a developing country’s projects and programmes are proposed, with AEs responsible for chanelling funding for such projects.

In this regard, the GCF Readiness Programme organized a workshop on the role of Accredited Entities as part of the process of accessing and managing climate finance was held in the Philippines on 17 September.  

The Climate Change Commission, the NDA for the Philippines, attended the workshop, along with potential AE candidates.  Other participants included key stakeholders from both the private and public sectors across the Philippines, showing an important inclusive process to build an efficient framework for future collaboration.

The workshop presented the accreditation process as well as how to effectively use GCF resources in transformative programmes and projects. This included an introduction to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and Accreditation to the GCF, which was presented by an accreditation specialist at the GCF.