Support Module 9

AIM: Training local financial institutions to build up the skills required for climate related investment activity


To provide training for local financial institutions to enhance their capacity to finance climate related projects, including:
  • Raising their awareness on general climate change issues.
  • Helping them assess and compare levels of risk and potential returns of various types of investments, including via cost-benefit analysis.
  • Strengthening their skills related to project financing structures and modeling in the mitigation, REDD+ and adaptation sectors.
  • Assisting them in gaining insights into key topics such as energy portfolio management and sources of financing for sustainable energy.
  • Facilitating the establishment of linkages between financial institutions and entrepreneurs, e.g. via investment forums or online.


  • Local financial institutions will strengthen their skills to conduct climate-related investment activities.

Support Module 9.pdf

Support Module 9.pdf (pdf, 0.24mo)
Financial Institution Capacity Building for Climate Related Investments