Support Module 7

AIM: Preparing guidelines and tools for assessments, identification and formulation of proposals for funding


  • To develop maps that illustrate the country’s vulnerabilities in the context of climate change, and to analyze adaptation options.
  • To prepare climate-related information tools and guidelines adapted to the specific needs of the country. This can include renewable energy resource assessments, the establishment of components of a national emissions profile, or standards and certification for prioritized technologies.
  • To prepare guidelines and tools to identify investment options and to identify, prioritize and formulate concrete proposals for funding by climate funds.


  • The country will gain improved tools and knowledge on the national climate baseline and climate change vulnerability.
  • Decision-making will facilitated regarding the identification and formulation of proposals for funding.

Support Module 7.pdf

Support Module 7.pdf (pdf, 0.26mo)
Capacity Building for Funding Proposals