Support Module 5

AIM: Establishing links between national readiness activities and ongoing global processes


  • To capture and document the experiences and lessons learned in the implementation of the GCF Readiness Programme in the country.
  • To share these lessons and experience with other countries, the GCF Board and UNFCCC stakeholders.
  • To make recommendations to the GCF Board on how to design GCF requirements to take into account developing countries’ needs and capacity.
  • To further develop the ‘Climate Finance Options Platform’, based on the country’s information needs. The platform shares information about access to climate funding, and includes successful case studies, how to leverage private sector financing, tools, publications and a space for the user community to connect and exchange.


  • Strengthening the country’s knowledge of the opportunities and barriers with regards to accessing and managing funding from the GCF and other sources, including the private sector. The country will also learn about which measures are most effective in overcoming barriers.
  • The GCF will gain insights on how to align its requirements with the country’s needs.
  • Via the Climate Finance Options Platform the country will gain improved access to information on the various sources of climate funding.

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Climate Finance Knowledge Sharing