Support Module 4

AIM: Developing tools and methods for monitoring and reporting on climate finance


  • To develop systems for monitoring, evaluating, reporting and verifying the sources, management, purposes and results of climate finance at the national and subnational levels. This includes developing practical methodologies for tracking and reporting climate finance and its effectiveness. In the process, to consult with country stakeholders on tracking needs and priorities. The methodologies will build on the data gathered for the climate public expenditure and institutional review. They will take into account the cross-cutting nature of adaptation, mitigation and REDD+; the challenges associated with tracking flows from national or regional funding institutions to the local level; and the need for systems that integrate monitoring, reporting and verification on the national and sub-national levels.
  • To provide training on monitoring, evaluation, reporting and verification.
  • To train institutions on how to use the results of monitoring and evaluation when developing and adjusting activities and plans.


  • The country will improve its systems for national and sub-national monitoring, evaluating, reporting and verifying climate finance.
  • Government institutions and civil society will strengthen their capacity to undertake monitoring, evaluation, reporting and verification of climate finance.

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Climate Finance Monitoring and Reporting