Support Module 3

AIM: Assisting countries in identifying, establishing and strengthening Accredited Entities (AEs) and National Designated Authorities (NDAs) in order to access climate finance


  • To inform and advise the government on the requirements for direct access to funds of the GCF via sub-national and national AE*s; on how to access funds via a regional AE; on enhanced direct access via a National Funding Entity or National Climate Fund; and on how to access and mobilize other sources of climate finance. This may include information and advice on fiduciary and institutional capacities; transparency and self-investigative powers; monitoring and evaluation; financial and programme management; and environmental, social and gender safeguards.
  • To support the government in consulting about and identifying an institution to be nominated as national, subnational or regional IE vis-a-vis the GCF; or as a National Funding Entity or a National Climate Fund for enhanced direct access, if relevant.
  • Depending on the country’s needs, the following may also be offered:
  1. Supporting the government in establishing and nominating the AE.
  2. Developing a country- or region-specific tool that helps the AE assess its readiness for direct access to the GCF and to other funding mechanisms.
  3. Supporting the AE in preparing a capacity development strategy to address any identified needs and gaps.
  4. Helping to close capacity gaps through technical assistance, training and systems development. Depending on the country’s needs, the assistance can focus on fiduciary standards; transparency and self-investigative powers; institutional, monitoring, evaluation, financial and management capacities; environmental and social safeguards; and more broadly on how to mobilize and access climate finance.
  5. Management capacities; environmental and social safeguards; and more broadly on how to mobilize and access climate finance.
  6. Where relevant, supporting the accreditation process of the AE for direct access with the GCF or other funding mechanisms such as the Adaptation Fund.
  7. Helping to operationalize an NDA vis-à-vis the GCF or other climate funding mechanisms, and to strengthen its capacities.


  • Government institutions will enhance their knowledge on how to access GCF funds; how to access and mobilize climate finance from other international, national, private and public sources; and how to identify and establish an appropriate AE.
  • The AE will strengthen its capacities to access GCF funding and to mobilize climate finance more broadly.
  • Depending on the country’s needs and status of readiness, the AE will be accredited or in the process of accreditation; and the NDA will strengthen its capacities to assess and consult on funding proposals.

*Formerly referred to as Implementing Entity (IE)


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Strengthening Accredited Entities and National Designated Authorities