Support Module 2

AIM: Developing financial plans that detail the needs related to climate change financing and how climate funds can be allocated


  • To identify priorities and policies related to climate change; to illustrate the financing needed to successfully implement these priorities and policies in the country; to identify potential financing from international, national, private and public sources; and to detect barriers to investment in climate-relevant sectors.
  • Based on this, to help the government develop national or sector-specific financial plans related to climate change. The plans detail finance options for implementation of the country’s policies, plans and priorities. In the process, the government will be supported in its decision making, for example by conducting multi-stakeholder scenario planning, options analyses or cost-benefit analyses.
  • To support the development of a climate public expenditure and institutional review.


  • The country will obtain detailed national or sector-specific financial plans for managing climate change. The plans will help improve the financial planning and the implementation of the country’s priorities on mitigation, REDD+ and adaptation.
  • A public expenditure and institutional review will strengthen the understanding of government institutions about public spending on climate change, the extent to which this expenditure is supported by policies and institutional responsibilities, and how to improve climate-relevant public expenditure in the future.
  • The country will receive decision support tools that help improve the planning of climate-related interventions in the future.

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Climate Finance Planning