Support Module 10

AIM: Providing technical assistance and funding support to local financial institutions to develop new financial products and services for prioritized climate sectors


To provide technical assistance and funding to local financial institutions to support innovative engagement by the finance industry in climate-relevant sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable forestry and climate-resilient agriculture. This can include technical and financial support of a broad range of activities depending on the local circumstances, including:
  • Identification of available climate change-relevant projects that are investment-ready and represent business  opportunities for financial institutions.
  • Portfolio clustering.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Market assessments.
  • Business planning and marketing (e.g. development of new products and services with focus on climate change-relevant projects).
  • Regulatory and environmental analyses.
  • Credit cycle management.
  • Monitoring of climate change-relevant projects (e.g. energy and CO2 emission savings).


  • New financial products and services will be launched for climate sectors that are prioritized in the country.
  • Measurable scaling up of financial flows into climate change solutions.

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Technical Assistance to the Financial Sector