Support Module 1

AIM: Strengthening the capacity of national climate finance institutions to manage adaptation and mitigation finance across various levels


  • To map the institutional set-up for climate change and climate finance in the partner country. A mapping report will illustrate roles and responsibilities nationally and at the local levels. It will include an analysis of the political, financial and executing arrangements. In addition, factors such as institutional coordination and capacity to absorb and disburse finance, sources of climate finance, systems to track and report finance, and private-sector engagement in climate-relevant activities will be illustrated. The report will identify what type of support the institutions need in order to manage national and international finance for adaptation, mitigation and REDD+.
  • To provide training, policy advice and technical assistance to institutions responsible for the management of climate finance, in order to strengthen their capacities. This support can include help to: clarify institutional roles; strengthen engagement and coordination among government institutions and with non-government stakeholders; create new or restructure existing institutional arrangements to enhance effectiveness in the implementation of the climate change agenda; strengthen information management and the sharing of information; raise awareness of the options and processes of relevant climate funds; put in place required climate climate finance management systems; strengthen capacity to develop and monitor climate change activities; create the right
    conditions for climate related investments by the private sector.


  • Government institutions involved in climate finance will gain a stronger understanding of what is needed in order to effectively manage adaptation, mitigation and REDD+ finance across the various institutions and levels.
  • The institutions’ skills will be strengthened to manage climate finance in order to achieve climate-resilient and low-carbon development.
  • Where needed, the country’s systems for the management of climate finance will be strengthened.



Support Module 1.pdf

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Capacity building for Financial Institutions to Manage Climate Finance